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October 1st, 2009

06:21 pm - Haiku Time!
So, because my music degree specializes in the history and literature of music, I have to take a course titled An Introduction to Research or some crap like that. Extraordinarily boring. SO, because I'm so awesome (as you should all know by now), I spent the whole class writing haikus. I wrote five about the seagulls I like to watch hang out in the construction site outside the window. There are only seven other students in the class (one was missing today), so I wrote a haiku about each of them. And then I took notes in haiku form.

I know you'd like to see them. Wouldn't you? There are three pages of them, so I'll just show you a few.



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September 5th, 2009

04:06 pm - Meme and Appassionata
Hey lovelies,

So, I still haven't started the next chapter of Appassionata yet. But I have finished the outline for the rest of it, so I'm hoping to get it out soonish. I'd say it'll be another couple of weeks, though. And I'm still working on other stuff. I've got a one-shot for the Twilight 25 that might turn into a two or three-shot, but I have no idea. Then there's the seven-chapter miniseries, then my next big WIP. I haven't been doing much with any of these. Mostly betaing, slacking off, and RL. I have no work ethic.

Anyway, this is how much I procrastinate. I was supposed to do a MEME like almost two weeks ago, and I'm finally getting around to it. I have no idea how to do this cut business, so it'll just be clogging up your friend's page. Sry.

Reading: I absolutely love to read, I always have. I'm looking over at my huge-ass bookshelf as I write, and then there are still all the other books in my closet. I'm a really quick reader, and I've always been really good at it. Books are a really important part of my life, because I can completely lose myself in a really good book, and I need that escape sometimes. I've been slacking off on the reading lately, though. Bad girl. Damn you, crap fanfics I read.

Writing: I've always loved to write as well. I remember writing these little stories in elementary school about funny little things. The first story I remember writing was "The Faeries in the Attic." It was quite hilarious, and I'm not sure if I still have it. I doubt it, which makes me sad. It was about two kids named Bill and Judy who hear something coming from above their heads, like the little pitter patter of rain drops. Anyway, they go up in their attic somehow and find out that there are faeries living there. I can't really remember it, but I remember that Bill and Judy need to go find glitter for the attic so that the faeries can live there happily. It was all very lame and awesome. I get little bursts of "creativity" where I want to write, but I'm not as creative as I'd like to be. I just enjoy writing, and sometimes the Twilight community ruins it for me. But I think the positives outweigh the negatives, so I'll stick around. For now.

Travel: Hm, travel is a big part of my life as well. Geez, Amber, you were spot on with these. Most of my traveling has been with a youth choir I was a part of going through grade school. The positive side of that is that I got to see a lot of new places, a lot of things kids my age didn't get the chance to. I also got to stay with families in these different countries sometimes, and I learned a lot about different cultures. I also did a month-long volunteering stint in Africa this summer, where I learned so much about their culture and way of life. I also saw some pretty amazing things. So, where have I been, you're probably not asking? Let's see. All across Canada (except for Manitoba and the territories), multiple states, Argentina, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Kenya, Uganda, and I think that might be it.

Music: Also a huge, huge part of my life. I'm doing my Bachelor's in music right now, going into my third year. I'm a piano major, but I've sang my whole life, both classically and otherwise. I didn't want to do voice in school though. Plus, I hate voice majors on principle. Sorry, dudes. Stop wearing your damn scarves all the time. Okay, I have some voice major that I love, but still. On principle. I also play trombone in a military band for work, and I've played several other instruments. But both of my jobs involve music, and most of my activities. It's pretty awesome. Funnily enough, I reallyreallyreally want to be a doctor. A career as a musician is so not for me.

Family: Okay, Amber, you seriously win with these words. Family is super important to me, although my parent's piss me off, and I'm not that close with either of them. But whatever, they're parents. I'm supposed to hate them. I have a really big family, and I love spending time with them, however dysfunctional. I've got three brothers, one sister, two sisters-in-law, and one brother-in-law. Plus three nieces and a nephew. There's a ten year gap between the three oldest siblings and the two youngest, so that's why all the marriage and children, even though I'm only 19 (almost 20!). It's hard to relate to my siblings sometimes because they're so much older, but I do really enjoy their company, and they're good to me. Plus, one SOL and my BOL are pretty much my brother and sister, because they've been around since I was in diapers. Again, the age difference. My sister has been going out with her now-husband since grade 11. And she's now 32. It's a little depressing. Where's my man?

I'm also very proud of my nieces and nephew, and show them off whenever I can. Anna (my goddaughter/oldest niece/the one I'm closest to) had a sleepover last night, and she's a big bed hog. She had her leg draped around my waist all night, so I had to spoon with a sweaty little six year old. Lovely.

Okay, enough rambling. I need to pretend to do work now.
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August 25th, 2009

10:26 pm - Sorry Dudez.
I'm cutting Appassionata short. I would say that I hate to do it, but I really don't. This was my first attempt at a fic, and it really didn't go the way I would have liked it to. I can't make myself go the whole way through with it, I just can't. Plus, I mean, we've got our main conflict kind of resolved now, know what I'm saying? What's after that? Chapters about building a relationship? Think about it as your typical romantic comedy movie. After they kiss and makeup, they don't go on and on about what happens after, you know? Even if they do have stuff to work out.

It's not that I can't take the bad reviews or anything, but they have been really discouraging, if I'm going to be honest. I just feel like I might be able to do better with my next fic. I hope anyone who reads this and remotely cares that I'm cutting the story short will still check out the other stuff I'm planning. I'm planning a smutty little thing, and then a next big WIP. With Appassionata out of the way, I can concentrate more on those things. I just don't want to waste my time writing something that feels tedious and doesn't make me happy. You know? This is a hobby, not a job.

So, there'll be two more chapters, I think, and then an epilogue. The epi will be about the same length as the chapters, so not something really short. At least, that's what I'm thinking.

I hope no one hates me for this. And I really hope you give my other work a chance.

Comment and let me know what you think, anyone who's reading this and who even reads Appassionata.

- Lisa
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August 24th, 2009

09:33 pm - New Miniseries
So, I just finished the outline for a new miniseries/novella I'm doing. It's called Fantasies of a Lusty Private, and it is very loosely (VERY LOOSELY) based off my RL. I'm not even a Private. I'm a Corporal. K?

Anyway, it's going to be seven chapters. I'm not sure when I'll post it, because I want to kind of use it to buy time between the end of Appassionata (which won't be tooooo much longer) and my next biggish WIP (which I've already started planning).

But I'm kind of pumped about this miniseries thing. It should be fun to write, especially because Appassionata is a pain in my ass, and I'm so not feeling it right now. Blech.

How do you people feel about that title? I absolutely SUCK at titles.
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07:09 pm - Hmm...
So, I was just checking out the release date for Eclipse while procrastinating (I'm supposed to be finishing the outline of a new miniseries), and here's the tagline for the plot:

Lovestruck teenager Bella must choose between her vampire boyfriend Edward and werewolf Jacob.

I mean, just read that as a random sentence, and it sounds like the STUPIDEST thing you've ever heard, right? ...right?

BTW, I'm apparently listening to Third Eye Blind again. I swear to God, I'm not obsessed with that band or anything. Just a coinkidink.
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August 22nd, 2009

08:49 pm - Hmm...
I decided that I'm actually going to use this journal for the occasional blog-type thing. How exciting. I'm waiting for my potato skins to come out of the oven, which is definitely exciting, although I probably shouldn't be eating them.

I was supposed to get so much done today, but I didn't. Whoops. I was supposed to finish chapter thirteen of my fic, which I have to completely rewrite, but I haven't touched it. So that update's not going to be too speedy. I was also supposed to finish the outline for a mini-series I'm working on, but I didn't do that either. Now I'm working on beta-ing a 30-page one-shot for one of my author's. I really want to get that done, because I've got SO MUCH beta stuff to do. Plus, I haven't done any real work with PTB in a while, and I feel terrible.

What have I done today? Pretty much nothing. I edited the very short first chapter of ericastwilight's new fic, Edward Cullen: Purse Snatcher. It's great, you should go check it out. Hm, I went to a friend's house to gossip for a few hours, and then I practiced piano for about an hour. I'm the worst music student EVER.

I really have nothing to say. I'm looking forward to the opening of www.adifferentforest.com, which is in a few hours. Now I need to concentrate, eat my potato skins, and get this one-shot edited. I'm done one page. Gah.
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